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Meet Sandra Dolk

 “The Talking Mirror will help you discover what your heart has known forever”

Life is a journey in itself. This might be wonderful and exciting, but at times it can be pretty tough and disturbing as well. After all, you never know what’s waiting around the corner or when the next challenge will knock on your door.  Please know that whenever you need someone:

    • to listen to your story
    • to help you explore what your options are
    • to share your dreams or your hopes with
    • who is interested in who you really are and what’s important to you
    • who is able to show you new horizons
    • who is willing to stand by you as a friend

Please feel free to contact Sandra Dolk, The Talking Mirror.

‘Let’s meet  for coffee, Skype or sent me a note. I’m looking forward to meeting you!’ 🙂

SPECIAL JOURNEY – Time-out Newfoundland, Canada

Stepping away from it all for a few days. Far away from everyday life, surrounded by the serenity of nature, you will be able to clear your mind. In the convenience of a luxourious Inn or back to basic, it is totally up to you. The whales, dolphins, eagles and icebergs are waiting to give you a warm welcome!  Enjoy this little preview or please inquire about options and vacancy.